The Name “Hudson”

What’s In A Name?

So I have a new grandson – about which I am quite pleased, I must say! And the Buchman name goes on. I only ever had one male cousin of the last name Buchman, who did have one son – who has no children.

Hudson Buchman

Hudson Roy Buchman was born to Nathan and Allie in the wee hours of Friday, December 30, 2011.

So, the name Hudson – where does that come from?  There are no other Hudson Buchmans out there (I checked!). Although I did find a “Dana Buchman Hudson Sunglasses” – apparently by the fashion designer Dana Buchman.

The name “Hudson” means “Hugh’s Son” … well, there is no Hugh Buchman – though that is the first name of my brother-in-law … the husband of my sister who died two weeks ago.

Henry Hudson

Of course, there is Henry Hudson – the explorer after whom is named the Hudson Bay and Hudson River, etc.  Nathan and Allie would not have any connection there. (Doesn’t the picture of Henry Hudson make it look like he is wearing one of those collar thingies Veterinarians put around a dog’s neck?)

Someone suggested a good nickname for the boy could be “Rock” – because of the famous actor Rock Hudson. But, he is only famous for people my age and older – none of my boys knew who he was or ever heard of him.

Rock Hudson

There have been a whole host of baseball players with the last name of Hudson. That is cool in my book!

The very first family car that I remember as a child was a Hudson. Any of the rest of you remember Hudson automobiles? My father loved that car and said that the faster he drove, the closer it got to the pavement. I don’t know that I believe that one!

1956 Hudson Hornet

The first thing that came to my mind with the name was “Hudson Taylor” (the person whom Taylor University is named after – it is not actually our friend Taylor Oliver who went there, as have all his kids). Hudson Taylor was a great man – the father of faith missions who opened inland China to the Gospel. He founded China Inland Mission. His model of operation was to live fully by faith and to break down barriers of communication to the extent of wearing Chinese garb – an action seen as very odd by other missionaries of the time. Historians have often written that Hudson Taylor made the largest impact for the Gospel to the greatest number of unreached peoples since the Apostle Paul himself.

Hudson Taylor

But in the end, my Hudson grandson is named for himself. His parents simply liked the name, and I do also. He can chart his own course, and I’m sure he will … yep, I’m sure … I’m getting my tickets as soon as possible for the 2036 Olympics, for example! There are running genes there from two sides!

(No pressure Hudson, just don’t mess up!)

4 thoughts on “The Name “Hudson”

  1. Henry Hudson is, in fact, wearing an Elizabethan ruff, which is what the collars vets put around dogs’ necks are called — Elizabethan collars. I am a fount of information, and sometimes it’s even useful. 🙂

  2. So, was that fashion back then? I’ve always hated wearing ties, and wondered how putting a rope around your neck got to be a classy thing to do! But this “ruff” thing makes a tie look pretty normal.

    • Yes, well, I didn’t have it written down for Tim to do, since the announcement list was done in the middle of the week… and… just to be sure that I didn’t do something for my own that I might forget to do for others (because I’ve probably somewhere along the way forgotten to mention a newborn in the heat of the moment up front), I chose not to mention it. We can make a fuss when he comes sometime soon… along with some of the other little boys being born these days – or to be born soon – Bennett, Oates, Kania – its a run on boys!

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