Baby Bottle Campaign

It is that time of year again where, as in years past, we encourage your participation in the Hagerstown Area Pregnancy Center’s baby bottle campaign. This is the primary fund-raiser for this valuable ministry in our community.

Where else do you know that it can be said that someone or something literally saved lives? We hear of great stories from time to time, but it is without exaggeration able to be said that the HAPC saves literally hundreds of lives a year.

The medical services provided by the center – services that open deep conversations between workers and clients – come at a cost of operation. Along with an entire host of other evangelical churches in the community, we want to make this possible – to have the doors open as often as possible in order to reach young women at vulnerable times.

It would be wonderful to be able to see the evil of abortion overturned. But until that time, we may make a true difference by our practical support of this ministry of life!

So pick up a bottle at church – fill it up with coins, bills, and large checks – and bring it back by the end of February.

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