In the Good Ole Days

Apparently back some decades ago in the good old days (that weren’t really so good), pastors were partially paid by congregations with such things as vegetables, chickens, beef, bread – along with living in the church parsonage. In fact, as recently as when I was growing up, I recall the pastor’s wife of my home church explaining to me why they never locked the door to their house. She said, “We don’t want to lock out anyone who might be coming to give us something while we are gone!”  Indeed, I remember as a teenager being sent to the parsonage with an extra bunch of processed vegetables from the garden – in order to put them in their freezer. And sure enough, none of the pastor’s family was home, so I just walked in and did it anyhow!

I am NOT advocating we go back to the old days. I’m quite happy with my quarter-million dollar salary… it’s all good!   (insert smiley face here)

However, I will give any of YOU one dozen farm fresh brown eggs from our farm in exchange for one dozen egg boxes – holding a dozen eggs, or even 1.5 dozen eggs. How’s that for a deal?!?

2 thoughts on “In the Good Ole Days

  1. Wait, does this deal apply to a family member who already gets them for free because he’s such an amazing son?

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