My Landscaper Son

Those who are local and more tuned into the Buchman family comings and goings know about my son Benjamin and his business called Maryland Regional Landscaping. Today and tomorrow are annual days that he sets up a display at the Hagerstown Flower and Garden Show – held at the Community College field house. Literally thousands of people attend this event, and it is an opportunity for Ben to initiate conversations with potential clients for landscaping or hardscape designs.

Ben really is very creative. And as many of you know, he did graduate from the University of Maryland’s Institute for Applied Agriculture – majoring in landscape design. I have had several of the nursery supply types of people in town tell me that he is a unique blend of botanical knowledge of the plant material with an unusual eye for the artistic side of it … that many are one or the other, but not both. He does nice work, without doubt. People tell me that all of the time; but of course, actually making a profit in a business that is so intensive with trucks and equipment and insurance and all else (in Maryland!) is the challenge.

I’ve begun a sort of web page for his business as a way of helping him out – to give him a web presence and to post some pictures, etc. It is still new, but I’d invite you to look at it if you can:

And if you know of anyone needing a landscaper … well … give the boy a call!

It is interesting to look back over the past 30 years (Nathan will be 30 on 4/24) and think about the boys’ earlier lives and now the careers they are following:

Nathan – who has franchised now a total of 12 stores of the company he began called Potomac Bead Company – When he was a little boy, he was always wanting to sell things to people … like extra tomatoes from our garden. He would set up a table at the end of the driveway, and before long they were gone!

Benjamin – was always digging in the dirt and planting things … and was the one most interested in gardens and how things grew.

Aaron – now a structural engineer – As a little boy, he was the one who would take whatever materials were around the garage and back yard and put them together in the elaborate construction of a fort.

I’m still not sure about the final two! Jesse was always the super-competitive one (yelling at the other kids in tee-ball for not paying attention and getting the other team out!) … and now he has been asked by the Dan Bongino for Senate campaign to write for them! So, politics?

Caleb??  He might be an actor! He can imitate ANYONE!

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