I Thought I Left This Behind In Texas!

Those of you who know me well at all know that I have generally very positive memories of Texas and our five years of life there. It is a place of many fond memories during a unique period of our lives (from 78-83).

There were, however, several things about Texas that I was pleased to leave behind: extreme heat, insects, and tornadoes.

Well….. after the summer of 2011, there is not a lot of temperature/comfort difference between living in Maryland and living in Texas. And bugs? Well, Texas still has the larger number of varieties – including those well-named, nasty biting little fire ants – but the stink bug thing is beyond any entomological experience in the Lone Star State.

So, tornadoes! Surely life in Maryland is safer than Texas in terms of escaping the most dangerous of storms! I remember a good old boy in Texas telling me that there only seemed to be more tornadoes there because the state was simply so big. Maybe he was correct, to some extent.

According to Weather.com, Maryland is (counting tornadoes per square miles of land mass) the 3rd most likely state to be hit by a tornado! Florida was #1, and of course (as we all know from the Wizard of Oz) Kansas was close behind … and then we in Maryland are #3!!  The remainder of the top 10 was, in order: Illinois, Mississippi, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Maryland is the ninth smallest state in the nation, but it’s the fifth largest when it comes to population density. And it is our location between the ocean and the mountains that sets up conditions conducive for violent thunder storms.

Texas didn’t even make the list and didn’t even get mentioned as an “also-ran!”

With earthquakes now also, this is a dangerous place!  (Without even taking into account the actions of the Maryland State Legislature!)

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