Aging 5 Years in 5 Hours

I remember seeing a comic some years ago that depicted a pastor and his wife at home on Easter morning – preparing to leave for church. And the caption had the pastor saying, “It’s funny, I used to like Easter.”

Now understand – I’m all for the resurrection and all it signifies, and celebrating it actually makes a lot more sense than celebrating Christmas (though again, the Scripture does not dictate that we should do either). But Easter Sunday – for a pastor – is a lot like looking forward to a looming final exam for the semester.

At Tri-State, we of course much fashion ourselves as creative and innovative … so we’re not going to let an Easter go by with just a sermon, four songs, a prayer and an offering – we’re going to somehow pull out a bunch of unique features.

I determined this year to do something that involved a number of the church children. If you were there on Sunday, you saw how great they did with their acting and singing – you can never lose when putting the kids up front. They were simply awesome.

We also had Jun Frias with a special song and had 3 videos and other features. Then, I find out early Sunday morning that the whole Boutieller family is down with a virus! They were leading all the music. So I came to church needing to not only put together the final details with my stuff, but to do the worship leading as well as the preaching, etc.  There just was not enough time to get it perfectly set up without any glitches. I remember having black hair when I woke up in the morning, and it was all white by noon.

But, the kids really did save the day and make it awesome. I was so proud of them. They are great kids and were a blast to work with. I wrote each of their parts to sort of display their unique personalities. It was one of the more fun things I’ve ever done in ministry. I’ll have to think about how to use them in some other format.

2 thoughts on “Aging 5 Years in 5 Hours

  1. The good thing about glitches is that God and you are the only ones that know, unless you tell everyone! Everything flowed nicely and I enjoyed the service.

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