The Evidence of Things Unseen

When we have baptism services each year at the Horst Cabin, people ask me why I’m standing in the water looking around like I’m afraid I’m going to see something. The men’s retreat was held there this weekend, and one of the guys took this picture:

So, I think my fears are entirely reasonable … though honestly, with 150+ people there each August, I’m sure this guy and his relatives take a quick vacation.

5 thoughts on “The Evidence of Things Unseen

  1. Remember last year during the baptism, folks saw a much smaller version in the water, and didn’t tell you util it was over? Aargh!!!

    • Probably, as you know, I’m a total whacko. It is amazing that I get the same color socks on every day. I can’t remember if Genesis or Revelation is first or last. I think my wife’s name is Diane or Diana or something like that. All these problems started when I turned age 65 … I think. I only remember happy things … like my stuffed toy monkey named “Teddy” back when I was a kid in the 1930s… his head fell off … OH NO, a sad memory has breached my selective wall!!! … “we’ve got no food … our pets heads are falling off!” … is why I’m thinking of going somewhere: “I’ll tell you where. Someplace warm. A place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I’m talking about a little place called Aspen.” …………. oh woe is me … all started by a little snake in a 2nd rate country stream in a nondescript corner of PA.

      • 65? I thought you just turned 57 !!! AND you are not a complete whacko !! I mentioned once – remember something about a dual P.? Tell me, what other happy things do you remember besides that silly (sorry) monkey? You said you received a lot of good comments – well most of them – about your combo family situation. I guess mine was NOT a good one? Old ladies like to assist where they can. This one should keep her mouth (or typing fingers) shutor to herself? Your thoughts?

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