What a Sweet Job!

What a Sweet Job!

As my local TSF friends know, I spoke at another church yesterday in Montgomery County. It is an Evangelical Free Church where there has been a recent pastoral departure. I’ve met some of these nice people in the past, and it was good to become reacquainted with them.

My host for lunch yesterday was one of the elders whom I had not met before, and he has the most sweet job on earth – in my humble opinion. Actually, he now leads a company where there are 80 people with the sweetest jobs on earth. It is a group that does historical research and writing for a variety of clients. Some of their research has been related to litigation situations – discerning the history of something to establish facts for either a prosecution or defense. Other clients have included the National Park Service – digging through historical materials. They have worked as well for corporations – who pay to see their firm’s history recorded and published.

So here is a guy who is one of the few people I’ve ever met who understands the salubrious experience of spending the day in the bowels of a library with white gloves while handling and digging through musty century-old documents that no human has looked at in years! So awesome! And then to discover some fact that is not known or something that overturns the generally accepted viewpoint on a particular subject – it is like being a detective without getting shot at!

This would be so much fun! You don’t think so?? Huh!  You’re boring!

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