Just TOTALLY Annoying!

What is? Ugh!! The crazies of the world … who get some bizarre pleasure out of creating computer problems for someone else!

Yes, I got one of those stupid virus things – where someone is trying to sell you a fix for a problem that does not exist (a hard drive problem), or sometimes for an issue that they first gave you!

My trouble is likely a fixable problem without the loss of anything … so I’m thankful for that; and I’m even more thankful for my friend Rusty Claman – who is my hero. He came into the staff meeting today to pick up my sorry machine (I’m using an old one now), and I fell at his feet and worshipped! This is a good guy.

Selling a fix for a problem that does not exist – that is how a great many people look at the church and the evangelical gospel message. They deny the reality of the problem (that sin separates them from a relationship with God) and therefore they see the entire process of salvation/sanctification/service to be a sales job for an unneeded product. And they likely find the network of efforts of churches and organizations as about as annoying as I find these crooks who cooked up my computer glitch.

But honestly, to not sense a need for God and to deny the truths that even creation itself screams about this reality … well, it is like running through life without virus protection whatsoever, being fatally infected, and not believing it to be true.

Rusty walked out of church today saying that there will be no technology in heaven, as it is reserved for hell!  I can’t give you a Scripture reference for that, but I think Rusty is one of the smartest people I’ve ever known!

2 thoughts on “Just TOTALLY Annoying!

  1. If there is technology in heaven (as technology itself isn’t necessarily evil, though some of our fellow fallen creatures may use it for evil) it will run flawlessly in perfection, separated from those bent on evil and harm. If we define hell as eternal separation from God, then the sinners who are not restored to perfection won’t be able to access the network of God (they’re eternally separated.) With heaven’s network having no imperfect users (as earth’s network now has) and no imperfect hardware/software (as we now have), there won’t be such problems!

    Just my thoughts!

    • Outstanding reasoning, and rather theologically precise I might add! Are you sure you’re not a computer repairman!! But without doubt, the logical engineering, problem-solving mind is at work!

      It has been a rough day here with the old computer – the battery of which does not work. And it has been making hissing sounds all day – a sort of snap, crackle, and pop internally – can’t think it is good.

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