Help Me with a Dream Interpretation

I guess we all have some very bizarre dreams, and mine don’t tend to often be very upsetting or stick with me long at all. But I am sometimes surprised at the complication involved in the details of a dream.

So, last night – I am umpiring a girl’s softball game from home plate. There are two outs and runners at 1st base and 2nd base. The batter hits a shot into the gap in left-centerfield. The first base-runner scores easily, but the second runner (coming from 1st base) is caught in an extended rundown between 3rd and home. The batter is now also caught in a rundown between 2nd and 3rd, and throws are going all over the infield. So two runners are caught between bases, but the defense can’t finish them off with a tag. OK?

OK – here’s the crazy part. The first base-runner who scored easily from 2nd base on the hit – I clearly noticed – did not stop at home when she scored. She kept right on going to 1st base, around to 2nd, and then – she gets into the same rundown between 2nd and 3rd along with the batter. This, of course, creates enough confusion that the runner between 3rd and home is now able to score (the second run scored on the play), and only after that does the 3rd out get recorded – as the ‘illegal’ runner is tagged.

So… here are my questions:

–          The first run is legit, but what should the call be for that runner not stopping at home but “rounding home” to go around the bases again?

–          Should the second run count, since it was only able to be scored because of the confusion created by the “illegal runner?”

–          If the “illegal runner” was tagged as the third out, was there ever really a third out? I sure hope so, because I might otherwise have to have another dream to sort it out!

–          Why would I have a dream with such complication?

–          Why in the world am I umpiring a girl’s softball game? I have probably watched about 3 innings of such in my life – walking over to the field at WHS to see a cross country runner who played softball in the spring come to bat.

–          If dreams are our subconscious way of working out our real life problems, what sort of problem is this attempting to fix?

Can anyone help me out?

4 thoughts on “Help Me with a Dream Interpretation

  1. Well, one run scores and the inning is over. When the defensive team was distracted by the runner who had scored and rounded home headed for first, the batter would be called out because she was closest to the ball and the most likely to have a play made on her. I think it is called player interference (by the scorer who should have left the field)
    As for the psychological interpretation – I would just say the “outs” for you are really good things because, even though you were an Umpire in the dream, you were a pitcher and feel good when outs are made because it lowers the ERA for the pitcher. However, as you know, Two hot boxes are impossible to maintain. Everyone knows that you are gunning for the guy going home and pretending to get the guy going to second. It is a very challenging situation. So, when the runner crosses home and heads for first allowing the one on third to score, that is totally unfair! That is just about all I got. At least you now know now that only one run scored. Just a bad dream.

  2. Randy–this dream is not about softball or the teams involved but rather about your state of mind. Baseball or softball is a game of logic, a mechanical game, one thing follows another, a pitch, a hit, a runner, you get the idea. The fact that this system is breaking down in your dream suggests that there is ‘confusion’ in your mind such that the rules of logic are chaotic. As the umpire you are admittedly viewing a confusing situation, I suggest that this represents your state of mind. It is very likely that there is great confusion in your mind and this works causing the rules of logical and rational thinking to become ‘disturbed’.
    If this sounds right, I suggest that you visit my website to learn more about Christianity and dreaming:

  3. Maybe the woman’s teams are somewhat symbolic of the church … not always following the rules and not always getting the things done that it should. But I could be wrong.
    What more strikes me about this dream and your questions about the dream don’t address this — is that there is a sort of perpetual motion to this dream. The defense should just pursue the goal of getting a runner out – and do it. The offense too … didn’t rest after scoring a run but ran back onto the field. Dreams often breakdown in logic … so I don’t see a problem with that necessarily. If your subconscious is trying to work something out … maybe it has something to do with finally nailing down some issue or something and that you perhaps perceive some things through the lens of a juggler with all these balls up in the air.

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