Foofy Dog Gone

Back about two months ago you may recall that a new dog came to live with us. It was not the kind of dog you would expect in the Buchman house. We have a Jack Russell – which makes sense – a hyper running dog fits our house! But, a foofy, prissy, little yapper, with long hair and a puffy tail??  Not my kind… but we took it in since it was apparently lost. The dog was fairly well-behaved and not much of a problem.

We never settled on a name, so maybe that is something that offended the little beast? But, it is now gone.

One day last week, the dog was outside in our large yard, sniffing around and chasing mice or whatever out at that back edge of the yard. She had done this many times. Our other dog was there as well … but after a time, the little dog was gone and seen no more.

This has happened a couple of other times over the years. I remember once in Texas when a similar little dog stayed with us for a while, and one evening just ran out the front door. I called to it, and it just kept right on going! It looked back once as if to say, “Thanks buddy for the kindness!”

I have to say that this all reminds me of too many folks I’ve known over the years in church ministry. They are kinda lost in life, come into the church for a time, get some love and shelter and renovation … and then a day comes when you look up and can’t see them anymore! Without announcement, they’re just gone from sight. I’ll never understand it.

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