A new feature of life for me that was not present with my former blog is that I now have a granddaughter – who at age 2 ½ makes many funny statements. I’ll call them “Bellaisms.” They come out of nowhere and simply leave you laughing. I remember when her father and uncles did and said such things. Actually, Diana kept a log of funny statements, and I often encourage young parents to do the same.

I’ll give two examples here:

We were finishing a dinner in a Chinese restaurant, and as Bella opened the fortune cookie, her father said, “Read it Bella, what does it say?”  And she answered, “The Cowboys are good, Eagles are bad.”  (Smart girl!)

While at our house today, she was outside with our flock of chickens and two roosters running around. One of the big bad boys – a large “Black Jersey Giant” rooster – went after her by charging at her with flapping wings, etc.  It is honestly a scary thing for anyone, especially for someone so small that she is on head level with the bird. After a few tears, she settled down and heard the rooster crowing from across the pasture. She said, “He’s saying he is sorry … it’s OK black guy!”

I’m sure I’ll be writing more of these posts in the future.

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