Christmas Music at TSF 2011

We had a great Sunday morning service this past week, with a variety of musical special presentations and teaching segments.

Luke Greffen and Renee Peterson put together a terrific worship team with a lot of special effects and extra instruments for accompaniment.

Each of the four lead singers – Luke, Renee, Aaron Buchman, and Laura Holtzman – took a turn as the lead voice for a special presentation song.

A huge highlight of the program was Dom Palmer and a dance team that he put together. The energy of it was fabulous, and the athleticism and contortions by these young adults defy belief! Dom has been using a room in the church on Sunday nights to teach and choreograph. It is amazing to see!

We also enjoyed a group of the children presenting three songs. Led by Fran Shay, this Kids Bridge class put on a great vocal display. Hopefully even more children will want to be a part of this in preparation for the Easter season.

No, it is not exactly the old “Christmas Show” that we have done often in the past. Those things are huge commitments of time and resources!!!  But it was a very productive morning. Thanks to all who participated and to ALL the people who attended! It was great to have to bring in extra chairs!

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