Gail Lindman – Saint Extraordinaire

The memorial service for Gail Lindman was held at TSF on Saturday afternoon, as a portion of her family were in attendance along with about 60-70 local friends.

Gail and her late husband Mel (who passed away in 2005) were a major part of the founding of TSF and the advance of the church over these nearly three decades.

Bill Kesecker spoke at the service, while Ward Childerston presented a couple of songs. Karin accompanied and I read the wonderful passage of the 139th Psalm.

The family shared a number of thoughts and remembrances – speaking also of their gratitude for those who made a continued residence in Hagerstown possible until a couple of years ago. Though from the Midwest, Hagerstown really became their home and the place where their six children grew up.

Tim Lester and I reflected upon Gail’s profound encouragements to us as pastors. She was a regular part of community groups – especially the Barnes group in recent years – and exhibited faithfulness and a confident walk with Christ at all times.

The Lindman family is a model of what we want to see be a more common experience of our church community. This is a family where the faith has been passed down through the generations – such that there is no denial of the great value of – as Bill Kesecker said – a long walk in the same direction. Though the family has spread all over the country, the Lindmans served here as cross-generational mentors … and received as well the affections and heart-felt desires of many to be taught in a discipling manner.

This is what a legacy is all about. Why not desire the same – as much as is possible in as much time as remains? We could say as well that these thoughts really resonate with the theme we are exploring right now of “The Bucket List: Choosing to Live before You Die.”

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