Greetings from Florida

I’m here in Fort Myers for a week with Nathan and Allie and Bella and Hudson. Sorry about the snow squalls I hear you folks back north are having – that sorta stinks.

I’ve not seen a snake yet, though I’m sure they are not far away. When I see one, I’m gonna take a picture and get it on here for you to see.

However, I did see two Redmans today – yep, Paul and Tina. The church they attend here in the winter is a rather large one, and my family has been going to it also. So today, I looked around a bit before the service started, saw Paul and Tina, and just walked into their pew and sat down next to them unannounced. That was fun.

Hanging with the Snowbirds

The program featured a really great kids musical production – lots of energy and well-done.

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