Success Does Not Equal Happiness and Satisfaction

Whitney Houston has died at age 48. I am sad – not because I’m a follower of pop stars and pop culture, for indeed, I am about the most ignorant person on the planet in that regard. No, Whitney Houston was a great, great singer … what a voice.

The passion in her vocals was deeply rooted in the wonderful musical heritage of the Black church. She could sell a song, and look good doing it too.

So many of us, when thinking of her music, remember first the performance of the National Anthem at Super Bowl XXV in 1991. It has been recorded and sold over and over, and is to this day played at many sporting events. Just awesome – a fabulous orchestration, and one of the most highly acclaimed renditions and recordings of all time.

Being ignorant of pop culture and the comings and goings of the “stars,” I was not aware until the current news of her passing that she struggling with substance abuse. That is hardly a shocker in her world. And why does it seem that these fabulously popular and wealthy stars often end up dying alone in a hotel?

It seems to me that so many of these folks have indeed two very divergent worlds – a popular one with all the glamour and lights, but a dark one of loneliness, doubt and despair.

There is no secret where this post is going. That lack of surprise supports the overarching thought – there is no satisfaction in life apart from a vital connection to Christ. Happiness is illusive – even for the Christian; but contentment born of eternal perspective is the common experience of a genuine faith connection.

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