The Basketball Tebow

If you’ve not had it come to your attention yet, there is a new Tebow-like sports sensation in the NBA on the NY Knicks – a Taiwanese/Californian young man named Jeremy Lin, who is a Harvard grad.  Harvard? The NBA??  Yep, and though he is playing for his 3rd team this season, he is on fire and has led the formerly hapless team to six consecutive victories.

Almost overnight, Jeremy Lin has become a sensation for Chinese-Americans, and even more to those back home where he is dominating the news.

But here is another angle: he is also a committed Christian. He’s not wearing it quiet as publically as Tim Tebow, but neither is it being hidden under a bushel basket. In an interview in recent days he said, “There is so much temptation to hold on to my career even more now … to try to micromanage and dictate every little aspect. But that’s not how I want to do things anymore. I’m thinking about how can I trust God more. How can I surrender more? How can I bring him more glory? It’s a fight. But it’s one I’m going to keep fighting.”

Wow! Tebow in football, Lin in basketball … so who will it be in baseball? Lord, I’m willing to volunteer for that!  Maybe I’ll finally get that call from the Orioles scout who told me after he saw me pitch in 1975 that he was going to be in contact!

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