What is a Chrisism?  It is a Chris Wiles dry wit hilarious utterance made in passing – often going by so fast it is not heard by most people.  He is full of great one-liner comparisons and descriptions if you listen closely.

Today I thought I’d write them down while they went by. Truly the exposition of Scripture at TSF was among the best I’ve heard here, and Chris was pushing on the time and did not have as many as some other days, but:

–          “… as that great theologian Bruce Springsteen said, ‘Everybody’s got a hungry heart.’”

–          when talking about the early part of Jesus’ earthly ministry, “At this point Jesus is starting to get noticed and to gain some Twitter followers.”

–          while illustrating how people use Jesus for small needs rather than worship him as God … “It is like going to the doctor with a headache and he points out that you have a harpoon between your third and fourth ribs.”

–          “Maybe you are here today because your spouse drug you here, or literally drugged you here by putting some Tylenol PM in your coffee and donut.”

An oldie from the past, my all-time favorite Chrisism … while talking about the “Casket Store” in Dallas, where people can literally shop for their final bed, Chris said, “Imagine being a salesman there and talking to a customer and saying, ‘So, what have I got to do to get you into one of these today?’”

I have to put these on my blog, because my blog is a fun blog – some of the time. Chris’ blog – – is more serious and academic and deep and all that stuff.  But you really should look at it, especially now – as he is blogging along with the current sermon series.

Today’s exposition of the Scriptures was just great, and really put you into the two passages in Luke that we featured this morning.

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