A Wise Guy Chicken!

I believe I have a totally defiant chicken.

Surely they know I’m watching them and counting how many eggs they lay per day. We have 20 hens … so, I expect at least 17 or 18 eggs per day. There is not much room for slacking off!  I think we’ve only hit 20 a day on three occasions. So that tells me that everyone is capable, but that some days, somebody is holding out and being lazy.

And one of these chickens must have a sense of humor also, saying, “So, he wants to see an egg every day … OK, I’ll give him one that he can count on his official list ……”


UPDATE – this is a week later than everything posted above …

So, while feeding the chickens one day this week, I had a little talk with them (they didn’t say much back). I spoke to them about the importance of “continuance of effort” … that really, they only had one job per day to perform, though I was thankful for any stinkbugs that they ingested. And, I just casually threw out there the question about what type of soup them liked … and mentioned that chicken noodle was hard to beat for most folks.

Well, I think it had a positive effect, as can be seen from the picture below …



One thought on “A Wise Guy Chicken!

  1. Well, Grandy, you want one a day. Same _ _ _ _ time every day. Well, you can have this guy……..but he wasn’t finished yet. See what you do with that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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