A Typical Buchman Vacation Day

Here was my plan for Friday – to go to the Joel Thorpe wedding in Philly a day early. I had the hotel booked. I wanted to spend the afternoon with Diana walking around to all the places we used to go when we first met at 1800 Arch Street. That building has been long gone, but many others would still be there. Lots of restaurants and parks and places of that sort would be at the same locations. Maybe we could grab some Philly steaks and a dessert at the Ice Cream Company.

But, a bundle of responsibilities in the morning delayed departure. Then the weather looked bad for Philly in the afternoon. Before long, it was too late to go.

Then, it started to rain in River Bend Farms … and it rained hard. The spouts could not handle it. I had the thought that perhaps I should check the basement, and sure enough, it was flowing through a crack in the bulkhead door. So I started bailing and carrying buckets. I was able to avert a disaster for sure.

Then, Caleb comes home to announce that a tree had fallen across our driveway. So, that was my next task… cleaning it up enough so that we can at least get by to actually go to the wedding in Philadelphia.

Vacation – Buchman style. We are vacationally dysfunctional. I shouldn’t even try to take days off; it seldom works out.

So I finished my vacation day with an elevated leg and swollen knee – but at least the Orioles beat the Nationals … so, it was a good day after all!


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