Jubilee Day – Not My Kind of Day

Since I’ve been putting a post each day about what I’ve done with my days off, I’ll write a few lines about Thursday. This is not as good as the last two days.

I spent my day at Jubilee Day in Mechanicsburg, PA.  Why? I’m not really sure. And what is it?  I don’t really know how to explain it.

Jubilee Day is an annual event in Mechanicsburg – a city known for big events, like, the dropping of the wrench on New Year’s Eve (I’m not making that up).

It is an annual street carnival sort of thing with lots of funnel cakes places, lemonade stands, crafters, various organizations (including churches with stands), and music venues at various locations. They shut down the main street in town and something like 40,000 people come to it.

We own a franchise location in Mechanicsburg of our oldest son’s and daughter-in-law’s business, Potomac Bead Company. The location is on Main Street there, in a store that our family (mostly Aaron) renovated (it was originally a downtown movie theatre – so the front room slopes upward from the front door.  A stray bead can roll 50 feet before it stops!).

Diana manages the business, most days from a distance – travelling there once or maybe twice a week. I don’t talk about this much – mostly because I seldom see or experience the place, beyond taking inventory on New Year’s Day (can you imagine counting roughly 6 million beads?).

So on this Jubilee Day, there is quite a lot of foot traffic in the store. My role is basically security guard and bouncer!  (Things can get rough in a bead store!)  So, it was not the most interesting day, but I was glad to help Diana.

The following is a picture from the Mechanicsburg Chamber of Commerce about Jubilee Day. And after that are a couple of pictures of the store.

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